Curious what others are saying about Megan?


“Megan presents a monthly lunch and learn at our corporate office.  We enjoy having her and our staff enthusiastically attends each session.  She is bright and so thoughtful with her tips.” – Senior HR Manager, Long Island City

“Megan’s corporate wellness initiatives have changed the way my company eats.  From the snacks we serve in the communal kitchen to the Seamless orders she helps us place, Megan has really improved the food culture in our office.” – Managing Director, New York City

“Megan sees me right away.  Always a pleasure.  It is like talking to an old friend because she makes you feel so comfortable when discussing your health.  I will always come back to her.” – Morah, 39, New York City

“Megan gave me my confidence back!” – Jordanah, 29, Boston

“Megan is patient and really friendly.  As a first time mom, I needed advice after having my baby.  She has helped me lose 8 pounds since we’ve started working together and I am much closer to my pre-baby weight!  I have recommended her to many friends in my mommy group.  She is great!”  – Lauren, 31, New York City 

“I became a fan of Megan’s recipes through her blog.  They were easy to follow and delicious.  I knew I wanted to work with Megan for weight loss counseling but wasn’t sure how it would work since I live in California.  We meet once a week through Skype when I get home from work.  It’s convenient for me since I don’t have to leave my house and much easier than I thought.  I’m doing really well and have lost almost 10 pounds since we started working together in February.” – Caroline, 35, San Francisco

“I’m a New York City transplant and was worried about stretching my dollar at local supermarkets.  Megan taught me the best ways to buy food and how to get the biggest bang for my buck.  I am so grateful for her help because I am not intimidated anymore! And she is a great cook.  She taught me how to roast a whole chicken and my husband loves it! I make it once a week. Thank you, Megan!”  – Amanda, 27, Brooklyn 

“Megan is easily the nicest person I have ever met! And she is good at what she does.  We are working together to improve my eating habits, especially when I go out to eat (which is a lot because of my work schedule).  She helps me pick the healthiest items on the menu and I’ve lost weight even with all the meals I eat at restaurants! My finacé has started seeing her, too.  We are getting fit for our wedding!” – Katie (and Donald), 34 (and 42), New York City

“Megan came to speak to our 9th grade students about what it means to eat healthy. I know she works with many different age groups but she did a wonderful job relating to high school age students. When she gave the students examples of healthy eating she even used choices from surrounding restaurants where our students eat every day. The students were so engaged!” – 9th Grade School Counselor, New York City